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Athletic success begins with leadership

1 yr ago · By Alan Lowry 3 Comments

It is an established fact that the success and failure of any company organization, team, or family rises and falls on leadership. In the world of athletics, and especially football, you will only go as far as the leadership will take you. 

Talent can take you so far but talent without leadership will always fail. Unfortunately, there are two kinds of leadership that can have a direct impact on the success or failure of a team. Positive and negative leaders can both have a tremendous effect on a team.

You can have positive and negative leaders among the coaching staff, the players, and even from people within the organization. History has proven that not all great leaders are positive. Negative leaders can have an influence for a time but that influence will fade and eventually end, especially when the going gets tough and you face adversity that is being led by a positive influence.

I think you see the clash of positive and negative leadership in the NFL more than any other level of football. More players and coaches are self-centered and put their own personal agenda ahead of the team. I have seen several players and coaches over the years that have had great leadership skills but have used them in a negative way and eventually brought down an entire position group or even the entire team.

The only teams that have success that lasts for years through all types of adversity are the ones that everyone has brought in the positive leadership and to a man, they will not tolerate anyone who tries to lead in a negative way.

The best example of a team that I have been associated with that everyone involved had the same positive mindset was the San Francisco 49ers from 1992-1995, with George Seifert as head coach. We were able to go to three championship games and win a Super Bowl because anything that was negative was not tolerated.

We must realize that leaders are both positive and negative and when the negative is able to have an influence then the success of a team will be short lived or only come in spurts.

When you see a team that has been successful for long periods, through all types of adversity and has built a winning tradition, you will always find positive leadership that is having an influence on everyone, to the point where nothing negative is tolerated.


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i like it too.

5 days ago

nice... lots of interesting words to keep in mind

7 mons ago

Great leadership is #1 component in a teams success

7 mons ago