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Traditions are an important cornerstone of sports

1 yr ago · By Alan Lowry 2 Comments



I recently attended a wedding in Denver, Colorado and after it was over, my wife, Donna, and I went to Estes Park, Colorado, and stayed at the YMCA of the Rockies. While we were there, the YMCA staff interviewed us because we have been taking vacations there for 30 years including 23 straight years. 

Going to the "Y" has become a family tradition that will now continue into the next generation with our grandchildren. Donna and I also talked about all of the traditions we started while staying at the Y, such as always having picnics in Moraine Park, or going to Bible Point to watch the sunset and scanning the night sky to see the most satellites crossing among the stars. All of our traditions have made our family stronger and give us great memories to reminisce about throughout the year.

Traditions are a cornerstone of our colleges, high schools, and middle schools because they take years to develop and pass on from class to another. They are ultimately what distinguishes one school from another.

When I attended The University of Texas, it was very exciting for me to learn all of the traditions that have been passed down for a hundred years. From the school song to mascots, as well as fight songs and the universally recognized "Hook 'Em Horns" sign.

Also, the university tower, which is lit up for every win and totally lit up orange with the #1 on each side when Texas wins a national championship. I had the great fortune to be part of two national championship teams while I was in school.

Thinking about all of the traditions at all the different schools made me realize that almost all traditions can be traced back to athletics and most people desire to be associated or aligned with a team.

Athletics are very important part of our schools and our society and it is up to people like you and I to make sure that positive things about playing sports such as teamwork, discipline, positive attitude, character building, integrity, and sportsmanship remain the most important things so that the traditions we have started will continue for the next generation.

Every athlete, coach and parent must take an active roll to insure the future of great traditions. It is my sincere hope that this blog will become a tradition over the next several years.


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This is great

4 wks ago

great I have started that with my family well rounded advise

9 mons ago